Warranty & Repair

Watch Repairs and Attachments for Timex Retailers

If you are a Timex retailer looking to buy a strap/band or wanting to have your customer’s watch repaired, please contact our Call Centre at 1-800-448-4639 or e-mail custservca@Timex.com. The instructions and prices below do NOT apply to retailers

Watch Attachments for Consumers

If you simply want to receive a replacement strap/band without sending in your watch, please contact our Timex affiliate by phone at 1-800-448-4639 to get a quote and/or place your order. Payment must be made by credit card when placing your order.

Watch Repairs for Consumers

Even a Timex may need an update. Please click here to see our 25% off Sale section.

If you want to send in your watch for repair, whether it is in warranty or not, Timex Group Canada Inc. provides you with access to the required repair and replacement services; the actual repair services, as well as the collection of the fee for those repair services, will be performed by a Timex affiliated company located in Little Rock, Arkansas, under subcontract with Timex Group Canada Inc. Each repair request for which a watch is sent in, whether in warranty or not, will incur a handling fee of $12, plus applicable taxes.

Please click here to print and complete our repair form *; make sure you include contact information (daytime phone, e-mail) and credit card details.

A form missing those details will cause us to return your watch, as-is, within 30 days.

Please send your watch along with the completed form to:

TG Service Center
PO Box 2740
Little Rock, AR 72203-2740

*Please note this repair form is for consumers only (NOT retailers) who are Canadian residents. If you reside outside of Canada, please click here to view our international locations. Retailers must contact our Call Centre at 1-800-448-4639 or e-mail custservca@Timex.com.

Please allow up to 2 weeks, from the date we receive your package, for your watch to be processed then returned.

Out of Warranty Repair Fees


Cost  CDN$ (plus applicable taxes for all types of repairs)

Handling (applicable on all repairs)


Major repair – Module/ Movement/ replacement

50% of  SRP

Battery Change


Leather band – standard*


Leather band – premium**


Velcro / Silicone/ Resin - standard*


Velcro / Silicone/ Resin – premium**


Metal band – standard*


Metal band – premium**


Integrated strap


Rings/ Crystals/ stem & crown/push buttons etc. – standard*


Rings/ Crystals/ stem & crown/push buttons etc. – premium**


 *Standard rate applies to watches with an SRP below $100.
** Premium rate applies to watches with an SRP of $100 and above.

Watches with an SRP of over $300.00 that require parts or service may incur higher charges.Please contact us at 1-800-448-4639 for an estimate. Watches models that have been discontinued for more than 5 years are not repairable due to unavailability of parts.

Timex Group Canada, Inc. reserves the right to modify the fees at any time.