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In 1854, we combined European clockmaking and American ingenuity to take clocks from the mantels of the 1% and bring them to the rest of the world. We disrupted a 300-year-old industry, transforming delicate mantelpieces into accessible wristwatches that could take a licking and keep on ticking. But what truly defines us extends far beyond our heritage - it’s the way our watches have gone from being simple tools to cherished companions. Regardless of how you came to know and love your Timex, it does more than just tell time; it tells your story and reminds you to make time yours.
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Watchmaking Our Way
Founded in 1854, the Waterbury Clock Company revolutionized global timekeeping by providing high-quality watches to the masses. Today, it epitomizes timeless craftsmanship and American heritage.
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Our Midcentury Icon
Marlin® is 1960s cool. It delivers substance and style in equal measure, with unwavering swagger. The original Marlin watches first debuted in the 1950s and were famously known to “take a licking and keep on ticking”.
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Quartz Changed Everything
The Timex Quartz movement was first introduced in the 1970s, setting new standards for accuracy, affordability and statement-making designs.
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Built For Adventure
Guided by our dedication to crafting durable timepieces from premium materials and designed to accompany your adventures while treading lightly on the earth. This collection of outdoor watches is built to last and boasts a variety of sustainable features.
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The World's Most Popular Watch
Beautiful in its simplicity, the timeless, utilitarian design quickly became ubiquitous with Timex. At its core is an easy-to-read dial and classic silhouette that is easily our most enduring style. No wonder there are more Easy Readers sold than any other watch style in the world today.
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We've Crossed Every Finish Line
Built to be lightweight, comfortable, durable, and functional, many styles feature the iconic five-button design that gives the wearer direct access to all timers, alarms, and of course our INDIGLO® backlight.
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Our collaborations and iconic reissues
transcend boundaries, resulting in
timepieces that redefine style while
honoring our heritage.

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Discover our commitment to sustainability: where every watch has a soul and a story to tell. At Timex, we believe that what you make is just as important as how you make it.

Whether it was a gift or a cherished heirloom passed down, every Timex has a story that deserves to be told. Share yours in our Timex Capsule.

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We believe time belongs to everyone. Since 1854, no other watchmaker has ever been able to match our ability to put a well-crafted watch on your wrist, while leaving money in your pocket. Every Timex is a testament to our legendary durability and value, and a reminder that time belongs to you.